Delicious, Slow-smoked BBQ

Tender, juicy brisket. flavorful ribs and succulent pulled pork are headliners on this menu.

Soulful Sides

Baked Macaroni and Cheese, BBQ baked beans, Greens, Seasonal vegetable selections and moist, Sweet Cornbread…

Sweet Satisfaction!

Sweet potato pie, Red Velvet cake, and seasonal variety of fruit pies!

The Way of the Invincible Chef

My goal is to bring to you the best and most unique BBQ experience.

My preparation techniques ensure that from the first bite to the last, the savory meats and soulful sides will please your palate and create a memorable dining experience, one that will keep you coming back!

My proprietary five-step process delivers the flavor every time, so you KNOW what you’re getting from The Chef! Ultimately, I want for you to taste the passion with which I prepare your BBQ; that passion sets us apart and will guarantee your satisfaction! Thank your for choosing the Invincible Chef and I look forward to serving you!


Next Steps…

So take your gathering, function, or dinner to the next level. Some BBQ may be tough to beat; #OursIsInvincible!

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